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  • Lumos 100MK
    Multi-Purpose Portable Light The Lumos 100MK Multi-Purpose Portable Light from Lumos enables you to simultaneously dim its output and vary the color temperature between 3,200 and 5,600K. The provided Li-ion battery will last up to 1.5 hours when using the light at its highest intensity setting.
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  • HJ22ex7.6B IASE
      High Specification in Compact Size   The focal range of 7.6mm to 167mm can be further extend to 334mm using the 2x range extender included in the lens. This highly flexible lens has been reduced in length to 221.5mm and in weight to 1.81 kg (IRSE A ...
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  • Canon HJ21ex7.5B IRSE A / IASE A
    Specifically Designed for High-end HD Production   Focus breathing and variations in picture performance with refocusing at different object distances have been traditional imaging challenges to high-end production calling for high picture quality. By ...
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  • Lumos trip pro
    Pocketable Lighting For Professionals   The Lumos Trip Pro is an on-camera LED light with a 100W tungsten equivalent output. It features variable color temperature control from 3200K to 5600K and a dial for flicker-free dimming from 0% to 100% output. For wide coverage, the Trip Pro has a 85° beam spread, which ...
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  • Canon KJ13X6B KRS
    Shuttle Shot Function   Shuttle Shot is a Canon Exclusive Technology that enhances production capabilities. At the touch of a button, this feature allows the operator to zoom back and forth instantly between any two positions. It can be used to zoom to the ...
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  • Canon KJ17ex7.7B IASE/IRSE
    Powerful ENG Lens for Lower Budget HD Productions   The KJ17ex7.7B is specifically designed for users whose foremost priority is a lens that delivers a generous range of focal lengths combined with a wide field of view in a lightweight mobile package. The ...
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  • Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE/IRSE
    Widest Angle Lens To Date in the TV Industry   With a minimum focal length of 4.3mm the HJ14ex4.3 lens features the widest angle among presently available 2/3-inch lenses with an angular field of view of 96.3° in the 16:9 format at the wide end. This is ...
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